Airline. Terminal. Baggage.

Terminal locations, baggage claim information and contact information for all airlines serving Memphis International Airport.

Southwest A A 901-922-8671
American C C 901-922-8330
Delta B B 800-221-1212
Frontier Airlines C C 901-344-2431
United C C 800-221-6903
U.S. Airways B C 901-922-8261
Seaport Airlines * ** 888-573-2767

* Passengers will board and disembark the aircraft through Signature Flight Support’s fixed base facilities at 2988 Winchester Rd instead of the airport’s terminal building. The airline provides free shuttle van service between Signature Flight Support and the Terminal Building for connecting to other airline flights.

** Passengers should retrieve checked bags upon exiting their Seaport flight and recheck them at the Terminal Building when connecting to another airline flight.