Airport Chairman Named As One of Tennessee’s Most Powerful People

June 8, 2005

Airport Authority Chairman Arnold E. Perl was recently listed by BUSINESStn Magazine as one of Tennessee’s most powerful people.

Mr. Perl was featured in the Magazine’s April Issue that listed the 100 most powerful people in the state.

He and the other 99 standout Tennesseans were selected for their perceived abilities and inclinations to effect change in various realms of life in Tennessee — business, politics, academia, philanthropy, and religion. As stated in the listing, each of the Power 100 bear an uncommon responsibility for Tennessee’s present good fortunes and their successes enrich all of us.

Mr. Perl’s profile described him as a man whose call would be returned by anybody in Memphis. He was noted for his public service as Chairman of the Airport Authority, his deft handling of the FedEx Forum project as Chairman of the New Memphis Arena Public Building Authority, and for his nationally recognized labor mediation skills in his private law practice.