First of New Retail Concessions Open

September 10, 2004

(September, 2004) Hudson News, and Paradies Travel Marts joined Memphis International’s growing list of new concessions last month as they unveiled the first of the program’s new retail stores in Ticket Lobby B and Concourses A, B & C.

Hudson News, a 2004 Airport Revenue News magazine Airport Concession competition winner, is known throughout North America for its distinctive store designs along with its extensive selection of reading material. They offer hundreds of magazines, local, regional and national newspapers, popular snack items and unique regional gift items such as the bar-b-que sauces and dry rib rubs from local restaurant favorite, Corky’s.

The Paradies Shops, the nation’s largest airport retail concessionaire, has opened several of their River City Travel Marts. They sell a variety of travel necessities, convenience items, and snack foods, as well as locally-themed gift items