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Electric Charging Stations Added to MEMpark Parking Services

The Airport has added 10 new electric vehicle charging stations on level five of the Ground Transportation Center, next to the elevators. The stations should be ready for use by May 1. Two of the stations are allocated for handicapped parking. The stations, GE DuraStations, enable fast Level II charging of vehicles in four to eight hours. The plugs are standard J17-72 connector plugs. A Vacuum Fluorescent Display screen shows greetings, instructions and messages, and LEDs display status of the charging station as Green for Active; Blinking Green for vehicle connected, not charging; Amber for Charging; Red if a fault occurs and manual reset is required.  The stations also have an Auto shut- off feature.

These stations make it convenient for those who drive electric vehicles to charge while they are away on a business or leisure trip through Memphis International Airport. The cost of charging is free, but standard parking fees apply for the vehicles.

Charging stations are just the latest environmentally focused changes or additions at the airport. The new Ground Transportation Center features five levels of economy parking without the need for polluting shuttle busses to and from the airport, and the rental car facilities are also now located in the Ground Transportation Center, eliminating those shuttle busses as well. And, a couple years ago, a cell phone lot was added at the airport to eliminate the need for those picking up arriving passengers to circle the drives and burn unnecessary fuel.


Row of Charging Stations 1