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MEM Aces Federal Inspection

Memphis International Airport has passed its annual (Part 139) safety inspection by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) with “no discrepancy.” The extensive 3-day inspection is required of all commercial air carrier airports to maintain their operating certificate. The FAA evaluates the airport to ensure compliance with the enormous number of detailed operational and safety standards set forth in Part 139 of the Federal Aviation Regulations.

Inspectors review contents of the Airport Certification Manual, all safety and training records, the emergency response plan; and inspect airfield pavement, lighting, navigational aids, signs and markings, aircraft rescue and firefighting equipment, snow and ice removal capability, and wildlife management-habitat modifications among numerous other items.

“Passing our inspection with “no discrepancy” is a tremendous accomplishment considering the complexity of our airport’s activity and the amount of construction vehicles and equipment working on the airfield,” said Airport Executive Vice President and COO, Scott Brockman. “Our employees vigilantly perform our own inspection three times a day, 365 days a year to keep us operating at the safest level possible. This keeps Memphis International ready for inspection by the FAA at all times.”

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