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Mid-Southerners Embracing Southwest Airlines through Rapid Rewards and Premier Credit Card Memberships

When the Southwest Airlines brand officially enters the Memphis market this November, Memphis International Airport and the Memphis community overall want to show some immediate “LUV.” The Airport Authority, the Memphis Chamber and other civic and community groups are urging Memphians and Mid-Southerners to sign up for Southwest Airlines’ free Rapid Rewards frequent flyer program and to apply for a Southwest Premier credit card. The executives at Southwest have said on several occasions that their future in Memphis is very much influenced by how the flying public embraces their service and their company. Obtaining the two cards is a measurable sign of our community’s support of Southwest entering the local market and is a great way to hear about special deals and promotions from the airline.

To learn more about Rapid Rewards and sign up for a card visit:

To learn more about and apply for a Southwest credit card visit:

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