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TSA Expanding Eligibility for Expedited Security Screening to More Travelers

Good news for air travelers that want to use the fast lane at the security checkpoint. The Transportation Security Administration is opening enrollment to its popular TSA Preêprogram to the general public beginning this fall.

Currently, only select Frequent Flyers of participating airlines are invited to apply. Members of U.S. Customs & Border Protection’s trusted traveler programs such as Global Entry may also use the special screening lane where one is allowed to leave on their shoes, belts, and jackets and keep laptops in their carry-on bags.

Soon, any U.S. citizen will be able to apply online before visiting an enrollment site, providing fingerprints, passing a background check, and paying an estimated $85 for a 5-year membership in the program. Once approved they will receive a Known Traveler Number to use when booking a flight with a participating airline.

TSA added Memphis International’s “B” checkpoint” to their Pre√™ program in April of this year. With the expansion of the TSA Pre√™ program to the general public, an additional fast lane is expected to be added.

To monitor the status of TSA’s Pre√™expansion visit:

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