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Airport Emergency Plan Exercised in Staged Event

Months of careful coordination and planning went into staging a full-scale mass-casualty aircraft drama that was conducted last month at Memphis International Airport. The Emergency Drill which included more than 1,000 participants was held to exercise and evaluate the emergency response capabilities of area fire, medical, police and airport personnel. More than 150 of the participants acted as passenger victims made up with injuries typical in an aircraft accident. These included student volunteers from Bethel University, Baptist College of Health & Science, Northwest Mississippi Community College, Memphis Student Nurse Anesthetist Foundation, and Southwest Community College.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requires all commercial airports to hold a live drill at least once every three years to review performance under their FAA-approved emergency plan.

2013 Airport Drill Master, Operations Duty Manager, Mac Harper said, “The lessons learned will be valuable for enhancing our training to meet our number one goal of ‘saving lives’ should a real aircraft crash occur here. The exercise revealed our strengths but more importantly, it identified areas for improvement that can make us more effective responders.”

Drill photo 4

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