Memphis International Airport Notes

December 2007

Belz Museum of Asian and Judaic Art Loans Art to Airport

Travelers can now experience some of the beauty and mystery of Asian and Judaic art at Memphis International Airport. In October, the Belz Museum of Asian and Judaic Art loaned 20 pieces from the Belz Collection to the Airport Authority. The exhibit will be displayed for six months.

This beautiful collection of art includes jadeite and jade vases, ivory balls and figurines, an intricately carved mammoth tusk, a model Judaica train, silver scroll cases and a handcrafted Judaica set.

The pieces selected for the exhibit at the airport will educate travelers on symbolism, different materials and techniques, and will inspire and delight people of all ages. One of the most impressive pieces is the exquisitely carved mammoth tusk featuring a beautiful Chinese landscape. Perhaps the most intriguing pieces in the display is an ivory mystery ball. The mystery ball on display has a total of forty-eight concentric layers.

The Judaica collection is just as impressive as the Asian pieces. The two foot long Judaica train is made from solid silver and consists of four train cars, including the engine. The wheels actually move. Various ritualistic motifs are designed on the train which includes an omer counter with a handwritten prayer.

The collection can be viewed outside the Northwest World Club in the connector between B and C.
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