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December 2007

SimpliFLY your Holidays

Happy Holidays! The holiday season is a very busy time at the Memphis International Airport. The extra activity at the airport can be confusing for inexperienced travelers. To help you make a smooth take-off this year, check out the Transportation Security Administration's SimpliFLY holiday travel program which provides passengers with travel tips to help you fly through the check-in and security process.

Don't assume you can bring food items in containers through security checkpoints. Think again before carrying that tasty Memphis BBQ sauce in your hand luggage. It will not be allowed through security checkpoints unless it is in containers of three ounces or less and in the one quart zip-top bag that each passenger is allowed. Other food items such as preserves, salsas, syrups and dips and even gift items such as lotions, creams, scented oil, liquid soaps, perfumes, and snow globes that are in excess of three ounces, will not be allowed through the checkpoints - even if they are in sealed gift packs.

During the holidays it is important to know how to ship and pack gifts to avoid breaking them. Do not wrap gifts if you are going to pack them in checked or carry-on luggage. If a security officer needs to inspect a package it may have to be unwrapped.

If you plan on shipping your packages FedEx recommends you:

  • Wrap contents according to FedEx packing method.
  • Use cushioning material and specialized packaging for delicate items.
  • Seal packages with extra tape.
  • Wrap all sharp or protruding edges or pack in a sturdy outer box.
  • Include complete delivery and return address information on labels.
  • Include duplicate information inside the package.
  • Affix labels securely.
  • Use tie-on tags for ski bags and other odd-shaped packages.
  • Send before the holiday deadlines.

For more holiday shipping tips, visit the FedEx holiday Web site.
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