Arriving Passengers

After landing, follow the signs to baggage claim. Memphis International Airport has three baggage claim terminals.

Baggage Claim A
Southwest Airlines

Baggage Claim B
Delta Air Lines

Baggage Claim C
Frontier Airlines
US Airways

In each baggage claim area, there are monitors that tell you which belt your flight’s luggage will arrive on. On average, bags take 15 - 20 minutes to arrive in baggage claim. Please be patient. Once you have collected your luggage, verify your luggage tags before leaving the Airport.

If your luggage has not arrived and your flight is designated as having completed its luggage unloading, go to the luggage help desk for the airline on which you traveled.

Meeting your party
Memphis International Airport has a cell phone waiting lot. The cell phone lot is a free waiting area, located less than a minute’s drive from the Airport Terminal, where your party can safely and conveniently wait for your "I’m ready for pick up" call once you have deplaned, collected your baggage and are standing at the curbside.

If your party needs help with luggage or you want to greet them in baggage claim, please park in short-term parking. Do not park or idle in the passenger pick-up lane.

Rental car counters are located at the ground transportation center. From terminal B, go to the lower level and use the pedestrian plaza to reach the rental car counters. If you require special assistance, please contact the rental car agencies directly.

There are a variety of ground transportation options at Memphis International Airport to get you to your final destination. These options include taxis, shuttle buses, and hotel/motel shuttle buses.